Oilfield Chemistry Rock-Fluid Interaction Lab

Dataphysics OCA 15 Pro Contact Angle/IFT Device

DSA_1Our state of the art Dataphysics Optical Contact Angle 15 Pro is a high-precision instrument that can measure static and dynamic contact angles according to the sessile and captive drop method, surface and interfacial tension from the contours of pendant and sessile drops as well as of liquids lamellas on plates, rods and threads, and surface free energy of solids and their components. CA and IFT measurements are used to observe surfactant’s and nano-emulsion’s ability to alter wettability in core samples, especially in unconventional cores, and to evaluate the change in interfacial tension. The system has a temperature control unit to perform experiments at constant specified temperature, a tilting base unit that enables the measurement of advancing and receding contact angles, an electronic syringe to control liquid dosing, and it also has a CCD video camera with 752 x 582 pixel resolution that allows up to 50 images per second and a high performance power zoom lens providing continuous fine focus that when coupled with the high-performance video digitizer used by the included software allows for detailed interpretation of experiments in real time.


Nanobrook ZetaPALS Analyzer

WP_20150423_001The NanoBrookTM ZetaPALS device for zeta potential measurements manufactured by Brookhaven instruments has the capability of measuring zeta potential by two different methods namely electrophoretic light scattering (ELS) and phase analytical light scattering (PALS) techniques. The instrument has a range of -500 mV +500 mV as well as a temperature control range of -5 degrees Celsius to +110 degrees Celcius.  The system  includes a plastic electrode assembly and ParticleSolutionTM software which gathers the results from the hardware and analyzes them based on the inputs to yield a complete set of statistical data.


Dean Stark Apparatus

Dean StarkOur lab contains two Dean Stark apparatus used to measure oil and water saturation and to clean core samples up to four inches. The two apparatus are designed to accommodate cores of two and four inches in diameter. The water in these cores is vaporized, condensed, and collected and then solvent is flowed over the sample extracting the oil. This Dean Stark extraction is used in a wide variety of experiments, making the apparatus a valuable instrument to have in the lab.




PolyScience Circulating Bath

Water bathOur Polyscience Heated Circulating Bath allows for precise control of the temperature of water as it is circulated through a water bathing vessel, simultaneously a variety of different flow rates adds to the capability of the machine. Durable, transportable, and intuitive to operate, the heated circulation bath is a versatile platform to work